The Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Awards are Australia's most sought after and prestigious music awards, awarded annually to outstanding bands and artists.
In a first for the ARIA Awards, four of the six most nominated artists have achieved that recognition with their debut records, SILVERCHAIR MAX SHARAM headed the list with eight nominations each. Max Sharam's nominations come from both her debut EP Coma, and her debut album.
Max was nominated for  * Best Australian Single
* Best Female Artist
* Best Australian Album
* Best Australian New Talent
* Best Australian Debut Single
* Best Australian Cover Work 
   (with Dominic O'Brien)
* Best Australian Video

* Australian song of the year - by The Australian Performing Arts Association (APRA).
Her single 'COMA' came #8 in the JJJ RADIO Hottest 100 songs


The MAX SHARAM Discography

A Million Year Girl - Album
Released in the US in 1996, A Million Year Girl comes with some beautiful cover artwork. On the front is a photo of Max (naked again) with a gorgeous ocean/gorge-scape behind her and a wooden doll house in front. The inner sleeve opens out as if you are opening the doors into the doll house - it then transferring you into a fantastic and mysterious kingdom. The album contains the following tracks:

¥   1. Be Firm [3:47]
¥   2. Coma [3:43]
¥   3. Purple Flower [4:19]
¥   4. Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) [4:01] - A Melanie Safka cover
¥   5. Is It OK If I Call You Mine? [2:59] - From the movie "Fame"
¥   6. A Toast To... [0:18]
¥   7. Jezu's Jewellery [4:00]
¥   8. Huntinground [4:29]
¥   9. Can I Catch Fire? [3:57]
¥   10. Alice [4:34]
¥   11. Learning To Let Go [2:51]
¥   12. Raining Angels [4:11]
¥   13. Orchestra Au Naturel [3:45]

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Coma - EP
The EP has a gatefold cover in sepia tones. On the front is a picture of Max laying with a lion. Inside is Mermax!
along with the lyrics to most of the songs. The EP version has been deleted, however the lucky few may find
copies left at record stores.

The tracks on the EP are:
¥   1. Coma (A Million Year Girl)
¥   2. Hunting Ground
¥   3. U Cradle Me
¥   4. Is it OK if I call you mine?
¥   5. CrashLanding!

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Coma -  Single
The single has the same picture on the front, but in blue tones, and does not have the gatefold cover, so no lyrics or Mermax! picture.

The tracks on the EP are:
¥   1. Coma
¥   2. U Cradled Me
¥   3. CrashLanding!
Track 3, Crashlanding!, was produced and arranged by Max.

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Laydown - Single
Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge

¥   1. Laydown (candles in the rain), M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
¥   2. Laydown, M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
¥   3. Laydown (instrumental), M. Safka (Warner Chappel)
¥   4. Koma, M. Sharam (EMI Music Australia)
Track 4 is Coma sung in German by Max.

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Be Firm - Single
This single has a picture of a miniature Max with black hair on a swing in the palm of a mans hand.

¥    1. Be Firm
¥    2. Out in the Cold
The second track is in honor of women and menopause.

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Comacarma - Single
This single contains a very long and, shall we say, interesting, trance version of Coma and Nick Launay's 007-ish remix of Huntinground.

  1. Is it okay if I call you mine? 2:59
  2. Huntinground 4:19
  3. Comacarma (Coma re-mix) 13:00