ALICE    ©Max Sharam

Alice in your dolls house
painted flowers in bloom
cartoon corners and sweet delights
rascals and rag dolls and starfilled nights
Alice there's no firewood
monopoly money won’t do
chimneys tower, winter looms
that red-suited gentleman can't get through
He cant afford to come down
wooden soldiers burn and cut-out clowns

When your ma and  pa were together no more
Mr. Golliwog flew the coop
You became mother, you grew up real fast
where is your childhood now where is your past?

Alice's bridedoll let her veil fall
the contract she signed she tore
She had goldenlocks but she chopped them off
rascals and romeos everyday
she robbed the Romeos left nothing to say
locks look nice but they get in the way

Alice read her horrorscope, she led her life
she learned to cope & when her mother died
Alice grew and Alice sang
“It's all worth it can't all be bad
It's all worth it at least I had Alice’

Alice sees her reflection only once in the day
She likes herself, she needs no help
donates her smiles to all the others
She’s still a little girl
but only with her lovers
It's all worth it can’t all be bad
It's all worth it at least I had
It's all worth it Alice