U Cradled Me    ©Max Sharam

It was a particular night
When it was the quarter moon that moved & not the planets
when the gases of Jupiter were ignite
The Sun had burnt out

We were balancing on an ice-age
we could have fallen either way
it was your mind versing mine
Exploding was I
Vesuvius I
with emotional activity

You were the rock
you were the laughter
Spilling from my splitting sides
& you when my mind was tired
My body weak
My face sad
My soul torn
You put the music back on

You Cradled Me!

You covered my face in laugh lines
you covered my face in crows feet
you covered my face in kisses
U cradled me

You are the bark of a dog
warning it’s master
You are the melody in the chimes
You are the view from my back door
Looking out on to
a galaxy of gardens
where flowers bloom & perfume

You Cradled Me!