Jezu's Jewellery ©Max Sharam

Just one mystery Kingdom
there’s only one who can reign
 just a one man woman
Jesu grew my grain

i gave a ring to my love
my burning flame
I would four lips stuck together
just jesu's jewellery remains

Just you Just you Jesu
I'd give it all just to you, my riches my wealth
my heart and my feelings
I'd give to you my health

I’ll leave my green jade
eyes on your dresser
so  that whom you take
i will see from there forever
Jesu's fiance revealed
her precious tear
when it fell
when it fell in the palm of his hand
a ring
a diamond ring appeared

He's wearing her ring
but it’s wearing thin
he's wearing her neclace
just as tight as it'll go

Just you Just you Jesu
she had a hold on you
she tightened  the noose
I told her to - now we’re both free of you....