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“Max is a lot like Madonna - only she can sing.”
(Chris Isaak)

“...seemingly possessed by the soul of a punk rock angel and capability to evoke theatrics of Shakespearean magnitude with just a slight vocal inflection, Australian Max Sharam unravels fairy tales & lovelorn melodrama in her music
(LA Weekly)

Imagine a voice that can shift from Liz Phair to Diamonda Galas in a heartbeat
with lyrical savvy and a perfectly obscure sense of humour & you’re halfway there’
(Beat Magazine)
“Sharam has Factor X in such abundance that you can forgive her almost anything”
(London Observer)

Her sound and style are just different. She weaves theatrics and drama into bittersweet tunes of love and life. Her music is stunning - if not schizophrenic in scope and ambition, bold in execution and deliriously individual. Pop hooks, beautiful orchestrations, lovingly-crafted poetic pieces - the depth and ease of Max's musical range hold you spellbound. Hers is a delectable musical journey.
(Vogue Magazine)
“Max Sharam is a force to be reckoned with..she’s confident and strong, cutting and satirical; competent and sensational. And that’s just in interviews..”
(WA Observer)

Max’s songs range from predestined hits to the more unusual with visceral falsettos and surreal and intrepid gypsy rondos.
Max Sharam can sing an Aria in Italian that would have Cecilia Bartoli’s eyebrows lifting.
Powerful and provocative she elicits strong reactions from press & pedestrians alike.
(The Herald)

“Her sparkling and confident voice and equally confident arrangements are a delight, combining a sophisticated radio-friendly pop sensibility with a flamboyant individuality”
(Melbourne Age)

“Max is an award-winning artist of tremendous talent, one of the rising stars of the music and comedy world...”
(George Miller)

“She's a striking original talent”

“Her voice is utterly captivating. She conjures coloratura, she purloins punk, her voice liquefies love and emulsifies emotion...”
(Black & White Studio Magazine)


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