She has a lisp, a limp, a stutter...yet she seems to lose ALL of her inhibitions when she sings...


• Content: Opera, ballet, original songs, comic stories, video art and animation projection.



Take a journey from a pig farm near Ballarat to Broadway, New York as the glamorous and amorous Max Sharam recounts her bizarre adventures from Pop Stardom to burn out in La La Land

After a decade in `voluntary exile`, Australian `New Yorker`, Max Sharam returns, armed with a new EP & projector and performs her absurd
animated autobiography.

Bushpygmalion synthesizes 15 years of original concerts, comedy and theatrical performances.


• Content: Opera, ballet, original songs, comic stories, video art and animation projection.





Suitcase Songs
'Max has a wonderful way with words, and her quick tongue, manically quirky delivery and soaring voice create a surreal
world in which everything is just that little bit more divorced from reality. The atmosphere is magical, a strange and wonderful cocoon from the outside world.'

• Content: Incredible Music with Audiovisual elements and some quirky writing for an intriguing new piece of performance art. No classical cabaret here.


'Think of Sopranos & Butterflies and elegant creatures come to mind but this Diva has become the town nuisance!

P’Opera*n. pl. P’ O·pe·ra (O-pr-, pr-) or pO·pus·es. Coin Phrased by Max Sharam to describe her Virtual Variety and Multi-Media Musical.

1. A theatrical presentation in which a dramatic performance is set to a combination of classical music and projected images  and sometimes found funny.

2. A contemporized, creative work, a musical composition numbered to designate the order of the composer's works in order to  'vent' using sick humor and spastic dance moves.

[Italian, work, opera, from Latin, work, service. See Pop- in Indo-European Roots. Modern version may be of Australian origin]

ill Soprano
A wacky theatrical exploration into the trials of an eccentric opera singer who falls into a fantasy existence and develops an obsession with butterflies after being turned away at an audition for Madam Butterfly.

In the flashy, fancy world of butterflies and divas, the great masses of dowdy “true blues” are so common that most people overlook them - as would it be true for the ill soprano should she not have taken to the streets with her nightly bellowings. 

We map this monarch’s migration and metamorphosis across continents where she eventually lands in New York City and meets her end, on a Subway in Soho, finally making headlines worldwide.



Mad Moselle Max
The only thing she knows how to Kook up is a storm. She's a lousy housewife.
Her silicon breasts fall out of her unbuttoned red gingham housefrau frock, she spills wine - and song and cleavage - and unrehearsed honesty everywhere.
She's got
'trubble' plastered all over her walls...

The living picture of Hitchcock-esque Kitsch.
But God love her. 
We don't know who else will. "Show us your sox!"- cry the crowd.

"100% cashmere. Knee high",  she coughs - she has a frog in her throat?
She's been known to kiss the odd frog... She likes sauteéd reindeer, snails
and frog legs in white wine?

Oh dear. She has a serious drinking problem.

• Content: Charades, Shadow Puppets, ballet, original songs, comic stories, parody and foul play.


See Max LIVE
At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Max's one-woman show  ran all  through April - 6 shows a week.
  Max was also featured on the ABC TV as part of the

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